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Many Singaporeans Fear Their Vote Is Not Secret

See how you can help debunk their fears …

Election Kakis is a non-partisan citizens’ volunteer group interested in Singapore's election process. Singapore has an organised and verifiable voting process. Yet we note there is an element of fear and apathy in Singapore citizens when it comes to voting. Fear that their votes can be traced and affect their careers, promotion, HDB balloting and upgrading, for example. Apathy that their vote does not matter.

Our aims

  1. Encourage and promote active citizenry with friends and family to participate in a patriotic endeavour, independent of the vote you make. 
  2. Independently reinforce the message that your vote cannot be traced and is secret. 
  3. Encourage citizens to participate in the election process as POLLING and/or COUNTING AGENTS and witness that the voting process is free and fair.

Your rights as citizens

  1. ALL voters can volunteer to witness the process of voting, counting and the final destruction of ballots.
  2. You DO NOT need to join a political party. 
  3. Your vote counts. It signals support or unhappiness with governance and policies. Your vote will affect policies, our society, our country.

You will be trained

Volunteers will be provided training by kakis who have prior experiences as polling and counting agents.

Testimonials from Election Kakis

Ordinary Singaporeans with prior experiences as Polling and Counting Agents share their views

“I volunteered in 2011 and 2015 to be a polling and counting agent respectively. That experience clearly showed me that there is a good and robust system in place to ensure that our votes are secret and sacrosanct. Participating in a democratic process is not just about voting, hence I am volunteering with Election Kakis as a polling and counting agent again.”

Harish  P., 60

In the Singapore General Elections of 2006 and 2011, I volunteered as a polling agent and counting agent for an opposition party although I was not a member of the party. I met the need for a witness to attest to the integrity of the system and was happy to do it to learn first hand about the process. I was pleased and proud to have done it especially when at the time not everyone was willing or eager to do so.

Mark  S., 67

SG Elections Process

There are 4 main Stages in the Elections Process.
1. Polling Stage
Casting your vote at Polling Stations from 8AM to 8PM.

2. Counting Stage
Counting the votes at Counting Stations from approximately 9pm onwards.

3. Post-Elections Storage Stage
Once the Counting is over, the ballot boxes are secured with tape and transported to the Supreme Court Vault for storage.

4. Post-Elections Destruction Stage
Six months after Elections Day, political party representatives can witness the condition of  the boxes are secured, unopened and the boxes are transported for destruction by incineration.

Read more about the 4 stages, click here.


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