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Who are Election Kakis?

Election Kakis is a citizens’ volunteer group interested in our socio-political situation. Singapore has an organised and verifiable voting process. Yet we note there is an element of fear and apathy in Singapore citizens when it comes to voting. Fear that their votes can be traced and affect their careers, promotion, HDB balloting and upgrading, for example. Apathy that their vote does not matter.



The Elections Process

Singapore's election process comprises 4 stages.

Remember: YOUR Vote Is SECRET

Help debunk fears of some Singaporeans that their votes are not secret

Presidential Elections 2023

There was training available to become both Polling Agents and Counting Agents for the Pesidential Elections 2023. Thank you to all those who participated in the training and subsequently were participating as PAs and CAs.

General Training for Polling and Counting Agents

We are planning on resuming the training to become Polling and Counting Agents for future elections. So watch this space.


These videos were made in 2019 to explain what happens at the polling station. These remain essentially the same for the Presidential Elections 2023.

Information from the Elections Department

Please refer to information from the Elections Department for the latest information on all aspects of the elections process.